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  1. Priyantha Munsinghe

    Dear Jan Gavin,

    I am a Sri Lankan who lives here with my wife for her education and currently we are at Reading. I would like to register my support for you and the Labour’s campaign in Redlands.

    Best regards,


    1. jan

      Hi Priyantha,

      Thanks for visiting the Redlands site and registering your support. It is really great to hear from you and I promise you I will work hard for the people of Redlands.

      with best wishes

  2. Leslee

    Hiya Jan. A while back you told me that you received a letter from Tesco about their plans for Crown Colonnade. Can you tell me what the letter looked as so far you are the only person I know who has received one and Tesco have told me the sent 320 letters to residences in the roads immediately surrounding the site. These include; Kings Road, London Road, Carnavron Road, De Beauvoir Road, Villa Mews, Marquis Place, Vanbrugh Court, Granby Court, Granby Gardens. Some of the people who live in those streets and who didn’t get a letter are wondering if they were disguised as junk mail which ended up straight in the recycling. Was yours a regular letter in an envelope? By the way I think they’ve started work internally but still haven’t applied for an advertising permit. I’ve been told they’ll be open in a matter of weeks. Do you have any news?
    Thanks for your time,

  3. Leslee

    Hello Jan. I hope you can support us with this request. Four (Tesco) planning applications have gone in for the new Tesco store situated at Crown Colonnade, Cemetery Junction.

    Whilst it is good that empty shops will be filled again, we are still concerned about the impact that Tesco will have on the local area and the sheer number of stores that they will have in Reading and would rather those empty shops be filled with something else. Unfortunately, having spoken to Council planners it seems that there is little that can be objected to through the planning system.

    Rob White (Green Party) has asked for these planning applications to be called in, so they go before the planning applications committee rather than being decided by officers.

    Would you please ask for the same, that the planning applications be called in, so they go before the planning applications committee rather than being decided by officers please?

    We would really appreciate your support.

  4. c

    You must help overturn this disastrous proposal for parking. The proposals make provision for parking one car for up to one house in 3 – all else will be double yellow.
    1 in 3 houses will have a chance of parking!
    Please help

    1. jan

      Thank you for commenting, though I think you have fundamentally misunderstood what we are trying to do with these informal discussions about some ideas to try and help protect parking for residents. This is not a ‘proposal’ they are ideas for discussion which I had hoped we could conduct in a civilized and sensible way. I am not sure sticking scaremongering notices over the hall where the exhibition of ideas was put up actually adds to this being a reasoned and civilized debate.

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