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  1. Anita Grant

    I had sent a message a while ago to Daisy Benson regarding the dangerous road and parking conditions around the top of Northumberland ave/Christchurch gardens – however to date I have not had a response. With the addition of building works in the vicinity, the impending move of the Abbey Early Years centre to the junction Plus the fact that people park cars for free and walk into town to work – the situation for dropping young children off is just incredibly dangerous. I cannot understand why the area does not have a two hour parking restriction (plus permits) as kendrick road does. Councils in general often seem to do crazy things with roads and parking – but something as obvious as this appears to get overlooked – and I cannot understand how the safety of young children can be ignored.

    I would appreciate some advice as to how to get this raised up the agenda of the council.

    1. jan

      Hi Anita, I am sorry that my colleague Daisy Benson has not responded to your email enquiry. Agreed this is a really troublesome and worrying situation. We are working with Abbey School to look at alternative arrangements, but I will raise this issue again with the Transport dept at the Council. Thanks for getting in touch. Jan

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