Nov 05

Voluntary ‘To Let’ Sign Ban Breached – Why?

estate-agent-nov-16-3No sooner have the new students settled into their new homes for the Uni year than a sign appears outside their home saying it is available To Tet … But not until next summer, in 10 months’ time!

We have had several contacts from residents in the last few days saying that the Letting Agent Voluntary ban on ‘To Let’ signs in old Redlands is being seriously breached by two Letting Agents – Cintra and Space, there are also a few Flagman’s.  There appears to be a turf war going on.  I went and looked this morning and there are some roads with 20 plus signs up e.g. De Beauvoir and Donnington but there is a fair smattering across many of the roads north of Addington and Erleigh.

This is such a pity; the whole community has appreciated the huge improvement in the quality of their environment over the last few years since we brought in the voluntary ban with the help of most reasonable and responsible Letting Agents.  House burglaries have fallen and the whole area has felt more settled and less transient.

But it seems that there are a few Letting Agents that are not prepared to act as good neighbours, seems that they could not care less about the environmental or safety consequences of these unnecessary boards.  These houses are not available for another 10 months.

The recent Redlands NAG meeting heard that there had been a spate of burglaries and student house doors being knocked-on by strangers, sometimes late at night, looking for accommodation.  Given that these student houses have only just started their tenancies and these properties will not be available again until next summer they are an unnecessary environmental blight.

We will continue to put pressure on the few Letting Agents who are breaching the voluntary ban and work with the Student Union to advise students that they can demand that these signs are removed.


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