Sep 30

Innovative Scheme to Protect Parking in ‘Old Redlands’

foxhill-RoadSince Redlands first elected Labour Councillor Jan Gavin in 2011 she has made sorting out the problems of residents parking a top priority.

As Jan was joined on Reading Council, with the successive Labour victories of Tony Jones and David Absolom respectively, they have formed a formidable team in working directly with local residents to find solutions that would work for the area.

It is with some satisfaction that Redlands Labour is able to report that at the council’s Transport Management Committee in September agreement was made on a break-through for residents parking.

This followed on from a set of proposals (which covered part of the area in “old Redlands” immediately around the Royal Berkshire Hospital) “paused” in June to allow detailed plans to be drawn up to incorporate the remaining streets.

What’s new about the latest residents’ parking scheme?

Some streets were left out of the last set proposals because local residents had told us they did not want parking protection schemes. However, following representations and face to face discussions with residents, these have been included in the new plans.

The schemes include a massive expansion of residents parking areas in the old Redlands area controlled by parking permits, made up of a mixture of “residents parking only beyond this point” (Great thanks go to local resident Christine Wilkinson and her group who did a huge amount of work with councillors to bring these new ideas to Reading); some limited “shared use” parking areas, available to permit holders all the time and limited hours for non-permit holders; the introduction of “pay and display bays” in the immediate area around the RBH. The same rules will apply in the area relating to the issuing of visitors permits.

What happens next and when will protection be introduced in my street?

Following agreement at the June and September committee meetings, the detailed plans are now out to formal public consultation which ends on the 20 October, the results of which will be reported back to the next meeting of the council’s Traffic committee on 3rd November. Unless there is a major upset, the new parking arrangements could be introduced early next year.

Residents will need time to apply for their own permits and for these to be processed by the council. But as long as your vehicle is registered at the address you live in Redlands, there should not be any hitches

Detailed maps showing the schemes can be found here:

If you have any questions or views, do get in touch with your local Redlands councillors.



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