May 03

Residents’ Parking in ‘old Redlands’ – Fact-check!

Over the bank holiday weekend Reading Green Party paid for a letter to be delivered to houses in old Redlands, one of our members spoke to a young person delivering the leaflets and was told they were getting £20 to deliver the letter and he really had no idea what is was all about.

This letter contains a lot of mis-leading and some completely wrong information, it is totally irresponsible to raise residents anxiety with these untruths. Cllr Tony Jones  has written to residents to reassure them that we will, as we always have, only act in partnership with them.

Dear Resident

You’ve told us that you don’t like political parties who try to score points off each other, so we were very disappointed with a recent Green Party leaflet which gave a hugely misleading picture regarding the Council’s current work on residents’ parking schemes in Redlands.

The letter from the Green Party candidate is headed “Council to consult on hospital parking scheme, but after the elections”. The clear intention of this headline is to suggest that some ideas are being held back from residents until after the 5 May ballot. THIS IS NOT TRUE—and the Greens know it. Our last Redlands Matters set out some “Fresh thinking on parking” and Council officers were asked at the last Transport Committee to report back on these ideas, which we have raised in public, at the next committee meeting in June: they could not have acted sooner.

Picture1As the picture to the left shows, ALL our newsletters over the past year have highlighted residents parking as the top priority for our work on the Council.

We are proud that we openly discuss, and consult on, both our ideas and those of residents Not all ideas are made into formal proposals, but if they are then all  proposals which go forward are ALWAYS subject to formal public consultation —WE DO NOT IMPOSE SCHEMES. So contrary to Green claims, there has been no “U turn on parking”.

A One Size Fits All Scheme Will Make Matters Worse

Our experience of working with local residents over the past five years has told us:

  • There is no convincing support for an area wide scheme—residents having rejected TWICE it in the past 5 years
  • An area-wide scheme would ignore local factors and pressures, while also undermining the bespoke arrangements already in place after much work with local residents. We have different schemes in different areas for good reasons—and we always acknowledge local circumstances such as width of road, off street parking and residents’ preferences.
  • We will not impose any scheme where a majority say that they do not want it.

Pay & Display

The council WILL be consulting on introducing Pay & Display around the hospital in conjunction with a Resident Parking scheme. The hours of operation would only be in the day time and Monday to Friday in streets where mostly there are already 2 hour waiting restrictions.

Saying one thing in Redlands and doing the opposite in Park ward

But most oddly in the Green Party newsletter, they repeatedly call for an area wide scheme in Redlands while seeming to be content to push forward individual street schemes in Park ward—as they have time and again and did so at the last Transport Committee.

There are no games to be played with residents parking—as a local resident living very near the hospital I know this to be true every day.

If you want a parking scheme that suits your street  – or not one at all—then Labour is the ONLY party to believe in putting residents first ahead of any “one size fits all” plan in Redlands.

Yours faithfully

Tony Jones


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