Dec 07

This is such a mean Cut …..

Education Maintenance Grants to be cut

This is a small grant which can be claimed by youngsters aged 16 to 18 from very low income families to help them stay in education.  The Department for Education plans to stop paying Education Maintenance Allowances in July 2011 to 16-18 year olds including those who will be half way through their course and those whose household income is less than £20,817 per year.

The overall spending cut, from £574million to possibly as little as £75million, will cause hardship for many young people and their families and force others to narrow their choices. Many talented young people will simply leave school or college because they cannot afford to stay.

The plans to cut EMAs will reverse gains made to increase participation in post-16 learning and will hurt young people from the lowest income households the most.

This disgraceful cut which will yeild such small savings is yet another example of how unfair the coalition cuts are.  They really don’t care about broadening participation in higher education … I am sure the sons and daugthers of cabinet ministers don’t have to worry about how to pay the bus fare to school!!

You can sign the petition opposing the axing of the Education Maintenance Allowance here:


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