Feb 06

Tesco’s Plans for Crowne Colonade

Crown-Collonade-6513087I was contacted yesterday by Tesco’s Coropate Affairs Manager to inform me that they were going to start consultations with the local community which I represent about their plans to build a Tesco Express at 1 – 4 Crowne Collonade at Cemetry junction.

Below is a copy of the letter they are sending out to residents.  It seems to me that this is a less than fulsome consultation it fails to let local residents know that they want to build an extension, no mention of car-parking or other environmental impacts.  I urge you to respond to this consultation if you have views.


Dear Resident
You may have heard that we hope to open a small convenience store at 1-4 Crowne Collonade, London Road, Reading. I wanted to write to you today to share our plans and offer my contact details should you have any questions.
A Tesco Express is a small local shop designed to serve the needs of the surrounding community. It offers a fantastic range of quality products including fresh groceries, toiletries and household essentials. It’s really handy when you need something late in the evening, are looking for a sandwich on your lunch break or need to top up your weekly shop with a few extra essentials.
One of the main benefits of having a Tesco Express in your area is that the store is conveniently located just a short walk away. Our longer opening hours mean that we are there for you whenever you need us.
The store will create up to 20 jobs for local people. We pay our staff industry leading rates and we provide excellent training and benefits, including an award winning pension scheme. We advertise all jobs 4-6 weeks before a store opens. Please visit www.tesco-careers.com for more information.
I’d be interested to hear your comments so do please get in touch. You can contact me via email at beth.greenhouse@uk.tesco.com
Yours faithfully,
Beth Greenhouse
Corporate Affairs Manager
Contact me via email at: beth.greenhouse@uk.tesco.com


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  1. Leslee

    We do not need this store in Cemetery Junction. The Coop and other shops are open late for when we need them. 14th, 15th & 16th Tesco stores are are planned for Reading. It’s a plague!

  2. Gillian Simpson

    What is happening to the local businesses? 20 new jobs? but what about those people who worked in the shops before losing their jobs. There are good shops which already provide all of the above. Reading already has 13 Tescos with more sites ear-marked. Enough is enough. Less choice, Tesco bosses getting richer. A sad day for Cemetery Junction.

  3. Brenda McGonigle

    Tesco is neither wanted or needed at Cemetery Junction. The Co-op has it covered. I would not be shopping at Tesco anywhere for all the reasons mentioned above plus Tesco cares only about profit and not communities.

  4. John Smith

    > What is happening to the local businesses?
    I assume you mean (the national chain) Co-Op, or the (other national chain) Premier Store? They’re over-charging people or providing poor service. What do you do when you’ve got a choice? You go to the cheaper/better place.

    > Tesco is neither wanted or needed at Cemetery Junction.
    That’s not factually accurate – I, and others, want them there.

    > Tesco cares only about profit and not communities
    I’m not sure what to make about this argument. No one is going to deny that Tesco wish to make profit. If they didn’t, they’d be a fairly lousy company.

    Cemetery Junction is a pretty depressing place right now. I really struggle to see how Tesco will make it worse.

    1. Leslee

      John, thanks for your feedback. I think the difference between the Co-op and Tescos is that the Co-op is owned by its members and is a recognised leader for its social goals and community-led programmes. They have their ethics right, promoting fair trade is very high on their agenda and it’s ethics like this that I care about. The Co-op is listening. when we said instead of ‘two for the price of one’ why don’t you sell some products half price and they responded very positively to this and you’ll find many items half price now.

      I do believe Tesco is not wanted by the majority of people who live in CJ, otherwise nearly 700 of them would not have signed a petition saying that the didn’t want Tesco in CJ.

      Don’t expect this Tesco store to be cheaper, even Tesco admit the Express stores are more expensive than their supermarkets.

      Lastly, you are right, that side of CJ is looking depressed. Wouldn’t you want something idependent, lively and local rather than the 14th Tesco. 14th Tesco, with another 2 planned. No town needs 16 Tescos.

  5. liz Woodhouse

    Please no to Tesco they took trade from the Oxford road co op which then closed- don’t let Tesco
    do the same at cemetery junction

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