Dec 05

Exciting Plans to Improve Life for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Redlands Ward is set to benefit from investments in improving cycling and pedestrian facilities under Reading Labour Council plans.  The money is being provided by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, a government grant.

A cross-party steering group gave the go ahead to develop detailed plans for the following ideas:

New Pedestrian Crossing Facilities at:

  • Redlands Road, near Acacia Road
  • Redlands Road, near to the junction with Addington Road
  • Craven Road/Erleigh Road roundabout


Cycling Improvements:

  • Advisory cycle lanes on Erleigh Road, Alexandra Road, Redlands Road, Kendrick Road
  • Extension of off-road shared cycle path along London Road
  • Conversion and widening of pavement on northern side of London Road to create shared facilities between Watlington Street and London Street
  • Improving the condition of footways

Traffic Calming:

  • Installing raised-table crossing at the junctions of London Road and De Beauvouir,  Blenheim, Donnington, Alexandra and Denmark Road

When officers have developed the detailed plans and each idea has been checked against rigorous safety standards, they will present a package of schemes to the Transport Advisory Management Panel, we will then put the plans out for comment and consultation.

We hope that a firm proposal can be agreed by February and the work started in stages from April 2013.



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  1. Robert

    Why can’t you improve roads for cyclists?
    I don’t want to cycle on pavements
    Or go on cycle routes that are twice as long!
    Sort out the potholes and drains, and then mark out the edge for cyclists on major routes.

    And why do you want raised table crossings (?) on London Road?
    What are they intended to achieve?
    Where is the demand for them?
    Driving an older car that does not like any sort of hump, I would be strongly opposed to having them on a major route without very good reason!

    1. jan

      Thanks for all your questions – I will try to answer them:
      The improvements to cycling facilities have been developed with Reading Cycling association and follow best practice in terms of maximising safety. With bus lanes and fast flowing multiple lanes of traffic cyclyists are safer on wide pavements which allow for shared use.

      The raised tables will not be on the main road – they are on the side roads. This has two benefits. For cyclists it means there is no change of level when crosiing a side road on the cycle path, It also has the benefit of slowing cars down as they approach the main road from a side road, again making is safer for cyclists.

  2. Robert

    Thanks for the clarifications. The raised tables on the side roads seem a good idea (though may be more dangerous for cyclists unless they have priority, as it will encourage some not to stop).

    I agree that cycle lanes on the pavement can be safer for casual cyclists, but if you want to promote more commuters to cycle, they need faster as well as safer routes, which means on the main roads.

  3. M Setrem

    So a year after the public meeting, how many of these plans have been completed?
    What’s the ETA on the remainder?

    1. jan

      Hi – all the pedestrian crossings have been completed and the contract has just been let for the cycle improvements – so hope all will be completed quite soon now. Thanks for your interest

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